CCI Grand River Condo Podcast

Pros and Cons of Condo Living

April 04, 2022 Canadian Condominium Institute Grand River Episode 4
CCI Grand River Condo Podcast
Pros and Cons of Condo Living
Show Notes

Are you considering purchasing a condo? This episode dives into what it’s REALLY like owning - and living in - a condo. Listen in as host Michelle Dyer discusses the advantages and disadvantages of condo living with guest Ryan Waller, a real estate agent in Guelph who published a blog post on this very topic. 

When purchasing a condo, be prepared to follow the rules that come along with it. How many parking spaces are you permitted? What are the rules around pets? What happens when you want to store your propane tank during winter months in a storage locker? Wait, do you even get a storage locker? 

Being aware of not only the rules, but also what is included in your condo fee may just cause you a few less headaches. No shovelling snow or cutting grass? Bonus! There are amazing amenities that some condos offer, such as a fitness room, library, and pet spa, to name a few. Being aware of what these amenities are and what is included in the condo fee to maintain them will help you determine if condo living is right for you.

Let us know which pros and cons are most surprising to you! 

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Words of Wisdom

  • Condo listings have increased by 40%
  • Guelph is quickly becoming the cheapest part of the GTA
  • The condo market is equally as aggressive as the detached market

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